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Racial Justice

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Racial Justice 

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Statement from the Bonner Foundation


Protests across the country and around the world have brought people together to express their pain and anger with the acts of police brutality, hate crimes and violence, and systemic racism affecting Black people and people of color in the United States. Bonded by our Common Commitments – social justice, diversity, community building, civic engagement, spiritual exploration, and international perspective – the Bonner Community acts on these ideals through our direct and sustained engagement in communities. Inspired by leaders before us, we carry out a shared vision of an anti-racist, inclusive, and just community.


The brutal deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others are just a few of the examples of racism and violence against Blacks in the United States and globe, and examples of white supremacy that must be dismantled. These incidents fuel anger, pain, rage, and fear in our own lives, which we courageously work to overcome and defeat everyday. As an organization committed to service, we pledge to do our part to recognize acts of injustice, cultivate an inclusive and anti-racist environment and institutions, and work to support and love one another. We will try hard to be the hope we need in the weeks, months, and years ahead of us. Bonner Love is inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. These words represent the hopes and ideals of countless and diverse organizers, activists, and change makers who inspire our movement. The heroes we celebrate have been shaped, and supported, by countless people whose names have been forgotten.


We recognize that social change requires the investment, hope, and participation of people from all walks of life, perspectives, and approaches. Bonner Love represents a Beloved Community in which we, as individuals and as a community are judged by character – not appearance, race, ethnicity, class, income, gender, sexual preference, nationality, or other aspects of our identity. You are valued!


As we enter this week, and those beyond, take a moment for yourself and for those around you. Reflect on the people who have touched and have impacted you and your life, and whom you have impacted and touched. Remember, we are the Beloved Community. Celebrate and recognize your place and your contributions in a greater movement. As we deplore and work to fight against the inequity and injustice, let us look out for one another and embrace others in our community. Know that together we can and are bringing about a better, more just world. As you do this, be safe and take time for self-care. You are loved by the Bonner Community. B-Love!


May George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade rest in power. We also acknowledge all of the unnamed victims of racism and violence of the past and present. Let us continue in the fight for justice to create change so that black and brown people may live freely. Black Lives Matter. 


We hope our community will continue to pursue the important mission and values the Bonner program represents. It is our duty to continue to advocate for social justice in instances of injustice world wide. Below, please find resources for ways to get involved while continuing to socially distance. If you have additional resources to share, please let us know and we will do our best to share with our larger network. These resources offer a range of opportunities to get involved and take action from educating one’s self and people around us to donating, to signing petitions, working for policy change, and organizing for a cause 


Robert Hackett, President

and the Bonner Foundation staff and summer interns