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2019 New Bonner Directors and Coordinators Orientation

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2019 New Bonner Directors and

Coordinators Orientation Archives


Handbook and Agenda: You will receive a printed copy of this handbook but may want to have an electronic copy on your laptop or save it to share with colleagues. We also provide a version in Word or Pages below, so that you can use pages from the handbook (which often contain key frameworks and visual graphics that explain the Bonner Program) with your students, partners, senior leaders, and other colleagues. 


2019 NDM Handbook Final.pdf


Student Leader and Intern Handbook: Each campus will receive a copy of this handbook, which we recommend that you copy and share with your Bonner Senior Interns, Bonner Congress Representatives, and other members of your Bonner Leadership Team. Prospective schools may find enlisting student leaders to play these roles is very helpful for starting a new program. Thus, you can also download an electronic copy here.

2019 Bonner Intern Handbook Final.pdf












Bonner Outcomes Rubric: Bonner Outcomes Rubric.pdf


Bonner Capstone Definitions and Examples Handout: Bonner Capstone Definitions and Examples Handout.pdf