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Interview Process for NJ Bonner AmeriCorps Program


The New Jersey Bonner AmeriCorps Program values the connection that a prospective Member may have with the organization, position, or issue area that their service may be in. It is because of this that candidates are interviewed and selected by site supervisors at NJ Bonner Community Partners. 


1. Once you have submitted your application, your application will be submitted to site supervisors so that they may schedule interviews. 

2. We ask prospective members to be patient with the interview process, but ask questions to the program managers of the NJ Bonner AmeriCorps Program. 

3. Candidates will be finalized and offered the position by site supervisors. 

4. Prospective Members will then begin the "Pre-Enrollment Process" 







If you have any questions about this process, please contact Kristi Cordier (kcordier@bonner.org) or Jasmine Rangel (jasmine@bonner.org). 

Front Page / NJ Bonner AmeriCorps Page / Interview