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Template for 2017-2018 Annual Report Information

Page history last edited by Ariane Hoy 2 years, 6 months ago


Template for 2017-2018 Annual Report Information


This year, we will systematically collect three additional pieces of information from your campus and program. We will do some analysis of this information to share at meetings and guide new resource development. So that we may compile and analyze this information (inputting it into a database), as well as streamline the process for you, we ask that you submit this information in a spreadsheet. 


This page explains more about how to use the spreadsheet. You can also download the spreadsheet here as either an Excel or Numbers (Mac) file: 


Excel (Microsoft):         Template for 2017-2018 Annual Report Information.xlsx

Numbers (Mac:)           Template for 2017-2018 Annual Report Information.numbers          


When you're finished with it, email your completed spreadsheet to resources@bonner.org.


A. Training, Education and Reflection Calendar from 2017-2018 (required submission in Excel spreadsheet template)


Please share your full Training, Education, and Reflection Calendar that includes all required meetings for Bonners (by topic/theme, not date). This should include Class Meetings and All Bonner Meetings. The spreadsheet template is organized so that you may include:

    • Required Meeting Topics (and Courses) for Freshmen
    • Required Meeting Topics (and Courses) for Sophomores
    • Required Meeting Topics (and Courses) for Juniors
    • Required Meeting Topics (and Courses) for Seniors
    • Required All Bonner Meetings or Multilevel Sessions


Some examples can be found at the top to illustrate how to use it:



For each of your classes (cohorts) of students, fill out the relevant piece of the spreadsheet. Here's what the blank part looks like for freshmen:



You would type or cut and paste over the fields (topic, date, duration) to add your own calendar items. You can add or delete rows as needed to match your calendar.


B. Capacity-Building and Social Action Project List (required submission in Excel spreadsheet template) 


Go to the next tab in the Excel spreadsheet to find the place for capacity-building or social action projects undertaken by your Bonners this school year.  The spreadsheet includes columns for a) the name of the project, b)  one sentence description of the project, c) the name of the community partner(s), d) the name(s) of the student(s) who were involved in it, and e) the project type (using the Capacity-Building Opportunities Form Categories where relevant). 


Similarly, some examples can be found at the top to illustrate how to use it:



Here, you may want to consult BWBRS Service Accomplishments or your end-year reporting using the Capacity-Building form. You can collect these details from partners via forms, meetings, emails, phone calls, with students' help, etc. To complete the list, type or cut and paste over the fields to describe each project. Some partners may have multiple projects.


You can add or delete rows as needed to match the number of projects completed.


C. Selected Community-Engaged Capstone Project Highlight (1-2 examples in Excel spreadsheet template) 

With efforts to integrate a required capstone for juniors and seniors, and to build opportunities for integrative pathways, we are interested in producing a printed publication and online repository of student work. Its purpose will be to inspire ideas and illustrate the many different types of projects and connections. Please identify 1-2 projects to profile this year (you may send additional or want to make your own publication). This project should be a capacity-building or social action project and, ideally, reflect integrative learning across their Bonner and college experience. The student(s) may or may not have received academic credit for the project, but it should reflect a connection with academic learning.


For each project, the spreadsheet will ask you to submit a profile and related photo or image. The profile should include:

    • The student’s name and institution (or students’ names, if a team project)
    • The student’s/students’ major, minor, and/or certificate
    • The name of the related community partner or constituency (if a social action project)
    • The name of the staff/faculty advisor(s) (if the student had a faculty advisor or connection)
    • A short summary of what the student(s) did, especially highlighting the project, related learning, and its impact or importance to the community (200 word limit)
    • Photo/image (of student(s), capstone display, with partner, or logo (you can paste this into the spreadsheet or email it along)


Again, a sheet in the file guides you, including a few examples and space for you to enter your information.



When you're finished with the file, email it along to resources@bonner.org (you can also copy Bobby, Ari, and Sam). You do NOT need to pdf the file (as we'll need it in .xls or Numbers format to work with).