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Student Leadership Hub

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Welcome to the Bonner Wiki Student Leadership Hub!


The purpose of this page is to provide Bonner student leaders with an easily navigable center of relevant information and resources. Below you will find a list of topics, informed by the context, background, and support necessary for student leaders to excel and thrive in their roles on campus and in the community. This hub can be seen as a student-centered, annotated form of our more comprehensive Bonner Wiki, because it contains many links and references to specific pages in the Bonner wiki. However, it is also contains and gets updated with significant material that pertains specifically to student leaders. 



Student Leadership Roles & Responsibilities 

The Bonner Program is built upon the belief in student leadership and voice as critical and central to the program, broader student and campus engagement, and building a sustained and culture infrastructure for engagement. Indeed, this belief is supported by twenty-five years of experience and practice across multiple institutions. To the Bonner Foundation and Program, student leadership has been a common expectation and practice.


It is both common practice and best practice that student leadership is a key element of a Bonner program's staffing structure. Below, you will find links to three established student leadership positions within the Bonner network:


The Bonner Breakdown 

As Bonner student leaders, you represent the very best of the Bonner program. Through your leadership and engagement with the campus and community, you also serve as authentic advocates for the Bonner mission and values. Below are links to key handouts and resources that can guide you in greater understanding of the Bonner model and how to share it with others.


  • Bonner 101 Introduction: These slides provide a framework for introducing and learning about key cornerstones of the Bonner program.
  • Bonner Program Management: This overview page provides Bonner history, goals, core expectations, and rules for Bonner Scholar and Leader programs.
  • Bonner Brochures: 2016 Summer Intern, Ebony Gilette, developed two brochures to aid students and staff in introducing and sharing the Bonner program. Each brochure was made with a specific target audience in mind: community partners or students.


Bonner Meetings 

Though the responsibilities of student leaders vary based on program needs, one of the most common roles of student leadership is to assist with designing and facilitating Bonner Meetings. These Bonner Meetings range in type and frequency, though all serve to provide students with the necessary training, reflection, and education to support their leadership development and deepen their work within long-term, reciprocal community partnerships. Altogether, the trainings, supports, and resources that comprise Bonner meetings are collectively coined as "Training and Enrichment." Below, you will find links to our T&E overview page, which includes a tremendous wealth of resources that includes how to design a developmental training calendar, a database of workshops tailored to different skills, issue areas, or common commitment, and a webinar training on how to effectively run meetings.


  • Training and Enrichment Overview
    • Bonner Curriculum: A compilation of over 75 trainer guides that are customized for a Bonner program use, though adaptable to use with any target audience. Browse by a range of categories (by skill set, issue area, common commitment) to identify an appropriate training that fits your needs.
  • Running Effective Meetings: This webinar is the second installment in the Bonner Foundation Webinar Series designed to support senior interns. This webinar covers how to design effective meetings, facilitate successfully, and build a meetings toolkit, comprised of strategies, alternative approaches, and resources to help senior interns develop their expertise as a student leaders, so often a part of a wide range of meetings.


BWBRS Management 

The Bonner Web Based Reporting System (BWBRS) is the network-wide mechanism for tracking service hours, accomplishments, and training throughout a student's Bonner experience. Though this data collection and management may be tedious, BWBRS provides a web-based means of managing the information flow and capturing important data for analysis. Student leaders, most often Senior Interns, work alongside their Bonner staff to manage BWBRS. Below, you will find a series of mini-guides to navigate essential administrative functions, as well as guides and videos to share with students who are struggling with the BWBRS system.






Cornerstone Activities 

Cornerstone activities are meaningful, significant, and intentional experiences within a student's Bonner journey. These events, when designed and implemented effectively, have proven to be some of the most memorable and distinctive elements of a student's Bonner experience. Below, you will find separate pages for each Bonner cornerstone, including guides, campus examples, and resources to download.


Community Partnerships   

Fostering deep, intentional community partnerships requires more than just consistent serving at local non-profit organizations and collaboratives. It requires significant training, reflection, and commitment from both the campus and community. Below, you will find resources that provide strategies and resources necessary to develop long-term, reciprocal campus-community relationships.


Opportunities within the National Network

As student leaders in your Bonner program, on campus, and in your local community, you embody the values of student initiative and voice that are core to the Bonner program. If you are interested in applying your leadership skills and expertise to support our network of 70+ Bonner programs, consider getting involved with two national student leadership opportunities: 


Tools & Resources 


Special Opportunities


The Ripples of Hope Fellowship was developed in honor of Gregory T. Ricks, a close mentor and friend to Bonner Foundation leadership. Greg was a mentor to Wayne Meisel, Bobby Hackett, and Ariane Hoy. Greg was an early pioneer in the national youth service movement, serving as a dean at many institutions including Northeastern University, Dartmouth College, Sarah Lawrence College, and Stanford University. He was a board member for Campus Outreach Opportunity League (COOL), Public Allies, and YouthBuild USA. The fellowship was launched in spring 2022 by a small group of old friends, including Ariane Hoy. In 2022, the inaugural class of Fellows was selected with five young leaders from South Africa and five young leaders from the United States. The cohort traveled to South Africa for an immersion in July 2022. Fellows also participated in monthly webinars and mentoring to expand their networks, skills, and knowledge for lifelong social change and justice work. In July 2023, 19 young leaders in the first and second cohort participated in an immersion experience in the United States in Washington DC, New York, and Boston. Below, you can access and download the printed programs for each immersion. They include Fellow and Lead Team biographies and itineraries.


2022 Immersion in South Africa: 2022 Ripples of Hope Fellowship South Africa Booklet Final.pdf


2023 Immersion in the United States: 2023 Ripples of Hope Fellowship U.S. Booklet Final.pdf


The Fellowship is open for affiliates and friends of the Bonner Network (such as students, alumni, and staff) ages 20 to 27 from the US and South Africa. Recruitment for the 2024 Cohort will begin later this year, but below is the 2023 application for your reference.


To learn more and apply, contact Ariane Hoy (ahoy@bonner.org) and visit this website: https://www.ripplesofhope.org/ripples-fellowship