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AmeriCorps Education Award Amounts

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AmeriCorps Education Award

Updated as of 2017-2018:

Position Type  Minimum # of Hours  Education Award Amount 
Full-Time (FT) 1700  $5,815 
Half-Time (HT) 900  $2,907.50 
Minimum-Time (MT) 300 $1,230.69


Upon successful completion of a term of service, a member will be certified by a New Jersey Bonner AmeriCorps Staff as eligible to access an Education Award directly from the National Service Trust. After a member has been certified as eligible to receive an Education Award and sees that their status in BWBRS has changed to "Alumni" for the term in question, the student should access their account at my.americorps.gov (which was created at the beginning of their term) which will permit allocation of the Award. AmeriCorps Education Awards are not accessed or allocated through the Bonner Foundation or The College of New Jersey. 


See instructions below regarding how a member can use and access their Education Award.  Please bear in mind that an AmeriCorps Education Award can be used to repay qualified student loans, pay current educational expenses and/or pay for future education at a qualified institution of higher learning. Through an online payment system at My.AmeriCorps.gov, the Member will let the National Service Trust know where and how much to pay for the particular expense. The system is a paperless, fast and easy method for Members to access. Additional general information about the Education Award is available at CNCS Segal Education Award


The Education Award can be used to:

  • Repay qualified existing or future student loans
  • Pay all or part of the cost of attending an institution of higher education (including certain vocational programs)
  • Pay expenses incurred while participating in an approved school-to-work program


Education Award Eligibility and Limitations:

  • It must be used at an institution or program that has been approved by the US Department of Education for participation in the Title IV programs. 
  • Members can earn up to the equivalent of 2 full-time education awards
  • Taxable upon use
  • Members have up to 7 years to use the award
  • Can be used at more than one institution and can help pay more than one loan
  • Can be used outside of the United States
  • Can be transferred if:
    • Member was at least 55 years old when enrolled; and
    • Began service on or after October 1, 2009; and
    • Serving in an AmeriCorps State or National program


Education Award Access:

  • Members can go to the My AmeriCorps portal by logging in at  My.AmeriCorps.gov to:
    • Access their Education Award Voucher
    • View their balance
    • Apply of interest accrual or loan forbearance
  • Notes:  
    • Make sure your status in BWBRS is changed to "Alumni" and all of your hours are approved and signed accordingly.
    • Use your AmeriCorps Portal account and password that was created during orientation or at the begining of your term to complete the online enrollment form through My.AmeriCorps.gov
    • If you did not create an account at the beginning of your term - click on “Register to create a new Member/Alum account” shown in red on the site and follow the prompts or log in if you have already created an account. 


Requesting Education Award, Forbearance and Interest Accrual Benefit


  • How do I request my AmeriCorps Education Award payment?
    • Log in to the system
    • From home page, select “Education Award Payment Request”
    • Verify your information
    • Choose whether your payment will be used to pay a loan or pay for current educational expenses. (If the latter, enter the semester or term for which you are authorizing payment.)
    • Enter the amount authorized
    • Search and select your Institution (see troubleshooting section for more directions)
    • Check certification boxes
    • Click “submit”



  • How do I request forbearance for my education loans?
    • Log in to the system
    • From home page, select “Forbearance Request”
    • Verify your information
    • Search and select Financial Institution (see troubleshooting section for more directions)
    • Click “submit”



  • How do I request my Interest Accrual Benefit?
    • Log in to the system
    • From home page, select “Interest Accrual Benefit Request”
    • Verify your information
    • Search and select Financial Institution (see troubleshooting section for more directions)
    • Click “submit”


Partial Education Award:

  • Members must complete at least 15% of their service hours to be eligible for a pro-rated Education Award if he or she exited the program due to compelling personal circumstances. These are reasons beyond the members control, such as personal illness or the death of an immediate family member. Documentation is required. 



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