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Bonner Leader Program Start-Up Check List

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Bonner Program Start-Up Check List

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The following list represents the key steps in your start-up process, along with links to the relevant resources.  You can download a PDF Version of the Start-Up Check List without the resource links and a brief powerpoint overview of the process.  You should also be familiar with the Bonner Leader Program Rules.


Staffing and Location

  • Decide where would the program be housed.
  • Decide who will coordinate the Bonner Leader Program in the first year and other individuals who can provide support for the program.
  • Recruit 2-3 sophomore or juniors to assist you with the start-up steps outlined below (and then be available to serve as Bonner Senior Interns in the start-up year).


Guides:  Bonner Program Staffing, Bonner Student Leadership     


Securing Work-Study Level Stipend

  • Secure the Community-Service Federal Work-Study, College Work-Study, or equivalent stipends for your Bonner Leaders so they can serve an average of 10 hours per week throughout the school year.
  • If possible, identify additional sources of funding that might be offered to your Bonner Leaders (including summer service stipends).


Expectations: Work-Study Stipend


Recruiting Your First Class of Bonners and Partners

  • Decide how many Bonner Leaders you want to recruit for the first year.
  • Develop marketing material (e.g., website, brochure).
  • Develop application material and process.
  • Recruit selection committee and process.


Guides:  Recruitment and Selection


Setting Training and Enrichment Calendar

  • Plan your Bonner Orientation, ideally for one or two days before the regular first year orientation.
  • Decide when during each week can you schedule a regular Bonner training and reflection meetings.
  • Plan the topics for the first year of weekly Bonner meetings.
  • Consider an early January a mid-year Bonner Retreat (day-long).
  • Consider a first-year service trip for sometime during the spring semester (perhaps combine with mid-year retreat).


Guides:  Training and Enrichment, Curriculum Modules


Developing Community Service Placements

  • Decide which community partners would be good placements for the first year Bonners.
  • Meet with community partners individually to explain Bonner Program model and begin planning service placements.
  • Hold an orientation for the initial group of Bonner community partners to review goals, policies, procedures, and envision four-year developmental model at their agency.


Guides:  Building and Maintaining Partnerships, Managing Student Placements


Connecting to the Bonner Network

  • Ask Bonner Foundation to recommend 2-3 current Bonner directors/coordinators as mentors during your start-up phase.
  • Invite Bonner Foundation staff member to visit campus during planning year and/or your start-up semester.


Contact Information:  Bonner Foundation Staff


National Bonner Meetings

  • Consider sending the Bonner coordinator/director and the student interns (Bonner Senior Interns) to the Bonner Summer Leadership Institute (late May or early June).
  • Decide who will attend the New Bonner Director and Coordinator Orientation held in Princeton, New Jersey (end of July/beginning of August).
  • Begin thinking about who will attend the Fall Bonner Student Congress (mid to late October).
  • Begin thinking about who will attend the Fall Bonner Directors and Coordinators Meeting (early November).


Meeting Links:  


You can download a PDF version of the check list here