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Third Year Training Suggestions

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Education and Reflection — Third Year Training Suggestions

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Third Year Training Suggestions


    Week  Training Topic  Training Description 
    Meeting 1  Personal Vision  Bonner Curriculum workshop guides participants to create a personal vision for their life and work, including through reflection and writing.    
    Meeting 2  Cover Story  Bonner Curriculum workshop teaches a method of visioning that uses the artistic metaphor of a “cover story” on a newspaper or magazine. 
    Meeting 3  Leading Learning Circles: A Train-the-Trainers Approach  Bonner Curriculum workshop teaches participants how to plan and lead a learning circle reflection (from the tradition of Highlander), building their facilitation and project management skills.  
    Meeting 4  Bridging the Gap between Service, Activism, and Politics   Bonner Curriculum workshop teaches participants to combine their understanding of service, activism and politics into a more comprehensive and effective worldview. 
    Meeting 5  Get-Out-the-Vote  Bonner Curriculum workshop guides participants to organize voter registration and education efforts in a non-partisan manner, as part of civic duty and citizenship.  
    Meeting 6  Action Planning  Bonner Curriculum workshop teaches concrete strategy for action planning.  Students learn to identify a challenge or issue and create written plan including SMART goals. 

    Meeting 7

    Building Coalitions
    Bonner Curriculum workshop teaches participants ways to build coalitions around a common goal or project, a key skill set in more complex capacity building or community change.  
    Meeting 8  Fundraising on Campus: Raising Funds Through Events

    Bonner Curriculum workshop provides students with knowledgeable tactics for raising funds on campus. It focuses on networking, establishing credibility, and how to navigate your campus procedures when hosting events. 

    Mid-Year Retreat  

    Use training and video resources on Bonner YouTube Channel! 

    Some recommended larger group trainings include: 

    Cover Story

    Four Corners

    Leadership Compass

    True Colors

    Meeting 9  Power Mapping  Bonner Curriculum workshop teaches participants a strategy for understanding relationships and leveraging relational power, using power mapping, a technique for organizing and resource use. 
    Meeting 10 

    Mapping Out Donors Part I

    Bonner Curriculum workshop focuses on guiding participants through the mapping of resources, determining where participants need to focus further effort, and exploring ways to build their funding network. This first session aims at identifying current and prospective funding resources.  
    Meeting 11  Building Career Networks  Bonner Curriculum workshop guides participants to build their professional relationships and career networks, important for future job seeking and post-graduate success. 
    Meeting 12  Exploring Non-Profit Careers   Bonner Curriculum workshop exposes participants to facts about the non-profit sector and careers, including resources for learning more, reading profiles, and networking. 

    Meeting 13 

    Advocacy 201: Meeting with an Elective Representative   Bonner Curriculum workshop teaches participants strategies for effectively meeting with an elective representative (like a Mayor or City Council member) to educate them about community issues.  
    Meeting 14  Vocation: Two Choices  Bonner Curriculum workshop helps participants think about their vocation and calling, developing reflection skills and critical thinking. 
    Meeting 15  Homophobia: Countering It  Bonner Curriculum workshop guides participants through thinking about discrimination related to sexual orientation and more complex diversity issues. 
    Meeting 16

    Vocation: "The Bridge Builder" Poem and Reflective Discussion 

    Bonner Curriculum workshop uses 'The Bridge Builder' activity to challenge participants to think, with intentionality, about the importance of mentorship in their lives and the lives of others.