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Campus-Wide Assessment - Campus Examples

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Campus-Wide Assessment

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Campus-Wide Assessment Tools

  • Service-Learning Data Dashboard (SLDD) is a robust, public-facing digital platform that provides access to university service-learning data and visually illustrates the impact of experiential learning opportunities on student success. The SLDD provides data visualizations that increase access and understanding of the impact of experiential education, like service-learning. The dashboard houses decades-worth of service-learning data, including data sets collected from students, faculty and community partners. All data can be filtered to illustrate impact from the university to the department and unit levels over time and segmented by demographic details. It is housed in the VCU Center for Community Engagement and Impact (CEI). 




National Assessment of Service and Community Engagement

A number of colleges and universities in the Bonner Network have completed the National Assessment of Service and Community Engagement (NASCE). Some of these institutions, like Siena College and Stetson University, have used their POP score to set numerical goals for enhancing the engagement of students. For instance, you may find examples of this in Stetson University's formal center strategic plan, which can be accessed here on the wiki at: Strategic Planning for Your Center - Campus Examples


Many of the other institutions have used the results of their NASCE to identify issue areas in which their service and community engagement work is strong or where they might deepen it to meet the needs and changing issues in their local surrounding communities. Because the NASCE provides a report of engagement by several issue areas, the data can be helpful in this way. The Bonner Foundation cannot share the reports of these institutions, but you may want to contact one of the institutions or Siena Research Institute to learn more. As of 2015, the following institutions had conducted the survey at least one time:

  • Allegheny College 
  • Berea College
  • Berry College
  • Carson Newman College
  • Centre College
  • Davidson College
  • DePauw University
  • Earlham University
  • Guilford College
  • Mars Hill College
  • Oberlin College
  • Rider University
  • Siena College
  • Spelman College
  • Stetson University
  • Warren Wilson College
  • Washburn University
  • Widener University


Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

Currently, 29 colleges and universities in the Bonner Network have either the 2010 or 2015 classification (or both). As the classification process is updated every five years, both of those designations are considered current (whereas the 2006 and 2008 designation are not and required a reclassification). Given that there are only 361 total institutions nationally that have the designation, it is a significant achievement to have so many institutions in the Bonner Network with this distinction.

  • Allegheny College (2006, 2015)
  • Augsburg College (2008, 2015)
  • Bates College (2008, 2015)
  • Berea College (2008, 2015)
  • Berry College (2010)
  • Edgewood College (2015)
  • Emory & Henry College (2008, 2015)
  • Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University (2010) 
  • Macalester College (2010)
  • Montclair State University (2015)
  • Notre Dame de Namur University (2015)
  • Oberlin College (2010)
  • Pfieffer University (2008, 2015)
  • Rhodes College (2006, 2015)
  • Rollins College (2008, 2015)
  • Rutgers University - Camden (2015)
  • Rutgers University - New Brunswick (2010)
  • Rutgers University - Newark (2010, 2015)
  • Siena College (2015)
  • Stetson University (2008, 2015)
  • The College of New Jersey (2015)
  • UNC - Chapel Hill (2006, 2015)
  • University of Louisville (2008, 2015)
  • University of Richmond (2010)
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2008, 2015)
  • Wagner College (2008, 2015)
  • Warren Wilson College (2015)
  • Western Kentucky University (2006, 2015)
  • Widener University (2006, 2015)



President's Higher Education and Community Service Honor Roll



The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll recognizes institutions of higher education that support exemplary community service programs and raise the visibility of effective practices in campus community partnerships. Currently, there are 32 colleges and universities in the Bonner Network who have received this distinction in 2015.

  • Augsburg College
  •  Bates College
  •  Berea College
  • Carson Newman University
  • Centre College
  • College of Saint Benedict/St. Johns University
  • Davidson College
  • DePauw University
  • Edgewood College
  •  Emory and Henry College
  • Guilford College 
  • Lindsey Wilson College
  • Middlesex Community College
  • Morehouse College
  • Notre Dame de Namur University
  • Oberlin College
  •  Rhodes College
  • Rider University
  •  Rollins College
  • Rutgers - Camden
  • Rutgers - Newark
  •  Stetson University
  • Tusculum College
  • UNC - Chapel Hill
  • UNC - Charlotte
  • University of Houston
  •  Warren Wilson College
  • Washburn University
  •  Washington and Lee University
  •  Waynesburg University
  •  Widener University 


* Bolded institutions received distinction in consideration to be a finalist for the Honor Roll's Presidential Award, presented to four institutions—one each in general community service, economic opportunity, education, and interfaith community service.