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College Access - Overview

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Part of the founding mission of the Bonner Program is to provide diverse, low-income, under-represented, and first generation students with the opportunity to attend college. Therefore, it is essential for campuses to support college access programs in their local communities. Access, as defined by The Glossary of Education Reform, refers to the ways in which educational institutions and policies ensure - or at least strive to ensure - that students have equal and equitable opportunities to take full advantage of their education. Increasing college access generally requires schools to provide additional services to remove any actual or potential barriers that might prevent some students from reaching their desired success including: race, socioeconomic status, rising tuition costs, academic preparedness, and admissions processes.



College Access Learning Community


The overall goal for the College Access Learning Community is to get campuses to think of ways in which they can utilize the resources at their institution — students, faculty, intellectual resources, social capital, and even financial resources — to collaborate with existing community partners to start or enhance college access programs in the community. In addition, we hope that through a more intentional collaboration with other schools in  the Bonner network, student leaders can begin to educate themselves and others in the community on this issue. We have identified that almost half of the campuses in our network have had/or currently encompass a college access program, some of which were started by students in the Bonner Program.