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Issue-Based Resources - Overview (redirected from Issue-Based Resources)

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Issue-Based Resources

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Issue Education

The Issues and Action Resource Manual has been written for students, faculty, and administrators to involve students in examining the issues that surround the action of their community engagement and to begin Issues and Action projects on their own campuses.  These projects enable students to examine issues they encounter through their community service work, including the causes of community problems and related government and social policies.  Through the processes suggested in this manual, student can become more actively involved in creating effective solutions to community problems.


The PolicyOptions Wiki is a platform for researching and sharing public policy information at the national, state, and local levels.  The issue briefs on the wiki help frame a policy discussion by providing information on Scope of the Problem, Past Policy, Current Policy, Proposed Solutions, Glossary, and Sources. 


The goal of the PolicyOptions network is to fill an important gap in our public life: the availability of accurate, balanced, comprehensive information and analysis about the issues that we care about and hope to impact through public policy and civic engagement.  We believe colleges and universities can help bridge the divide between engaged citizens, community-based organizations, policymakers, and researchers.  





Issue-Specific Resources


This section will provide resources on specific community issues students are addressing through their service and civic engagement.