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BWBRS - Semester Registrars List

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Semester Registrars List


Step 1: Create Next Semester's Registrar's List

Go to the School Menu > Bonner Scholar Program > Registrars Tab (#1) and from there click on the "Create Next Semester's Registrar's List" link which is at the very bottom of that page (#2). It will take a minute or so for the next semester's registrar's list to be created.



  • The option to create the next semester's registrar's list is only available once the prior semester's registrar's list has been locked. 
  • This step won't work unless you have set your BWBRS Calendar Dates properly for the current and next academic year. See this step-by-step guide for setting your calendar dates.




Step 2: Review Your Registrar's List

Each semester's registrar's list will show the Bonner Scholars who at the end of the prior semester were:

  • active
  • on leave
  • awaiting loan reduction


Note: BWBRS will automatically move to alumni status any Bonner who was "receiving loan reduction" in the prior semester.



Step 3: Submit Change of Status Requests As Needed

Your list requires changes when:

  • Bonner Scholars are withdrawn from the program, 
  • go on leave from the program, 
  • are added to the program as new replacements (for students who withdrew) or late entries (for slots that weren't filled initially),
  • are graduating and moved to awaiting or receiving loan reduction. 


If you are making a change to a student on the list, you can click on the Change Status link next to their name in the Action column (#1).


Otherwise, you can use the Available Actions > Change of Status Request menu to make any changes to the registrar's list (#2).





Step 4: Notify Foundation to Review Registrar's List

Once you have the list ready, use the Available Actions > Notify Bonner Foundation to Review List menu (#1) to send the Foundation an email letting them know the list is ready to be locked.


Note: The "Accepted" New Freshmen List Bonners will automatically be made "active" in the Fall Registrars List.


Note: once the list is locked, the Bonner Foundation will generate the Semester Allocation Report and request that you review it (and add allocation amounts as needed).