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BWBRS - New Freshmen List

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New Freshmen List


Reminder: Avoiding Duplicate Student Profile Entries


Duplicate entries most often occur when:

  • you experience a glitch when entering a student profile and simply re-entry it again without double-checking to see if the first entry made it into the system.
  • more than one person adds new students into BWBRS.  


Therefore, before adding a new student into BWBRS, you should also be sure that the student is not already in the system.  If there is any reason you think they may have already been entered by you or another staff member, then you should double check.  


You can see all the student entries in BWBRS by viewing the School Menu > Student List page.  From this page, select the menus to show ALL PROGRAMS and ALL STATUSES.  The list will show every single student entered in BWBRS.  You may need to use the menu that subdivides the list alphabetically (which is used to keep the list manageable).




STEP 1: Finding the New Freshmen List Page

From the School Menu, select the Bonner Scholar Program (#1).

Note: This overview page a summary list of all the reports that have been initiated, and gives their status and last updated date.

  • If a report is not on this page it is because it has not yet been created. 
  • Locked reports are those that have already been approved by the Bonner Foundation.  Active reports are still awaiting completion by campus staff.
  • Don't rely upon he financial figures listed since the system doesn't always update them after they are first created.



The list of New Freshmen Lists page shows a list of the active and locked New Freshmen Lists. The New Freshmen List is only used for submitting incoming freshmen Bonner Scholars for approval by the Bonner Foundation. Replacement Bonners should be submitted via the Registrars List. 



STEP 2: Create the New Freshmen List for the Next Year

To create the New Freshmen List, go to the New Freshmen tab (#1) and then click on the text button Create Next Year's New Freshmen List (#2).



STEP 3: Adding a Prospective Freshmen to BWBRS

Use the available actions menu to find the Add a Prospective Student option.



STEP 4: Type in basic information on prospective freshmen

This form contains a lot of information from the student's profile. But at this point, you only need to include the essential information needed for the Foundation's review of the prospective freshmen:

  1. Bonner Scholar (check box) and Type (pull down menu)
  2. Estimated Family Contribution (provided by Financial Aid Office from FAFSA)
  3. Starting Period (will always be Fall semester for New Freshmen List)
  4. First Name
  5. Last Name
  6. Gender
  7. Race



STEP 5: Submit Prospective Student

Once you have a prospective New Frehmen student entered into BWBRS, they will show up at the top of the Student List under the Prospective Student section (#1). From this list, you should click on the Submit Student text button (#2) to the right of their name.



STEP 6: Notify Bonner Foundation to Approve Submitted List of New Freshmen

Once you have students listed under the Submitted Students (#1) section (as shown below)....




....use the Available Actions pull-down menu to Notify the Foundation (#1) to review and approve your submissions.




Note: Statistics on Submitted, Approved and Admitted Freshmen Bonner Scholars


At the top of the New Freshmen List page we provide the calculation you need to keep in mind when submitting your New Freshmen List. See the Bonner Scholar Program Selectin Criteria (http://goo.gl/bY0Yc/) to determine if you are meeting the overall selection criteria for the incoming class. These criteria include:

  1. a total number of incoming freshmen (#1), 
  2. gender ratio no greater than 60/40 (#2), 
  3. a goal to exceed your overall school's race/ethnicity percentage (#3), and 
  4. caps on Average EFC for 85% of the incoming class (#4) since the top 15% can have any EFC.



STEP 7: Marking Students as Accepted or Declined

You will receive a BWBRS email notification from the Bonner Foundation once we have approved students to whom you can offer the Bonner Scholarship. You should NOT offer the Bonner Scholarship to any student before you have approval from the Bonner Foundation.

The students who have been approved by the Foundation will now move down to the Approved Students section of the New Freshmen List. Once you learn whether the student has accepted or denied your offer of admittance into the Bonner Scholars Program, you should click on the appropriate text button (see below).


Note:  All students in the Accepted Students section of the New Freshmen List will automatically move the active students to the Fall Registrars List in BWBRS once the Fall Registrars List is created.  Also, locking the Fall Registrars List will automatically lock the New Freshmen List.