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BSP Rules - Reporting

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Bonner Scholar Program Rules


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Section V: Reporting



5.1 Reporting Calendar

Programs submit regular enrollment, financial, and narrative reports to the Bonner Foundation, as listed below.  Please note the following regarding these reports:

  • The Foundation’s semester Bonner Scholarship allocations will be made only after all outstanding narrative and financial reports have also been received.

  • The enrollment and financial reports should all be made on the Bonner Web-Based Reporting System (www.bwbrs.org).


September 15th (at the beginning Fall semester)

  • Fall Registrar’s List

  • Summer Reimbursement Report


January 15th (beginning Spring semester)

  • Spring Registrar’s List

  • Fall Reimbursement Report

  • Mid-Year Community Fund Report


May 15th (late Spring)

  • Annual Report Narrative


June 1st (beginning Summer term)

  • Summer Registrar’s List

  • Spring Reimbursement Report


5.2 Enrollment Reports

5.2.1 New Freshman Approval List

  • Each year the list of prospective Bonner Scholars that you would like to accept into your program must first be approved by the Foundation before these students are notified of their acceptance into the program.
  • The Foundation’s approval will be given to the director/coordinator via BWBRS email notification.
  • See Section 1.2 for details on the Bonner Scholar selection criteria.


5.2.2 Semester Registrar’s Lists

  • At the beginning of each semester (after the start of the semester so that each student’s enrollment status can be confirmed in person), the list of active and enrolled Bonner Scholars should be submitted and approved via BWBRS.
  • Once approved by the Foundation via a BWBRS notification email message, a hard copy of the semester’s Registrars List should be printed from BWBRS, signed (or sealed) by your registrar, and then mailed to the Foundation.


5.2.3 Change of Status Form

  • A Change of Status form should be completed via BWBRS for any student who: (1) withdraws, (2) goes on or returns from leave, (3) enters into a semester abroad or exchange program and is not completing his/her service requirement, or (4) replaces another student.


5.3 Financial Reports

The following series of financial reports required by the Foundation allow both the institution and the Foundation to monitor the Bonner Scholars Program’s financial performance.


5.3.1 Semester Allocation Reports

  • Allocation checks will be issued by the Foundation after the registrar’s list has been received and confirmed by the Foundation. The allocation checks will be mailed to the president along with a cover letter and Allocation Report. Copies of the letter and Allocation Report will be sent to the financial aid director, controller, and Bonner Scholars director or coordinator.  For institutions with the Bonner Scholar Endowments, allocation checks should not be disbursed from Bonner Endowments until a similar confirmation letter and Allocation Report has been received from the Foundation.
  • Students who do not graduate with their class (because they took a leave, for instance) should still remain in their original graduating class in any reports to the Foundation, even if they are the only student left in that class. Therefore, in the lists you submit to the Foundation, please keep students in their original class year regardless of any leave they may have taken.
  • Graduating Bonner Scholars should be included in the registrar’s list for the semester that they will graduate. Next to their name on the registrar’s list, please indicate the amount of loan reduction funds (up to $1,600) due (see Section 4.4.4 for more information on Loan Reduction).


5.3.2 Bonner Scholarship Reimbursement Reports

  • Completed Reimbursement Reports should be submitted to the Foundation via BWBRS at the end of each semester and summer. The completed Reimbursement Report indicates the amount of Bonner Scholarship Funds allocated, expended, and the balance to be reimbursed for each student enrolled in the program for that time period.
  • The steps for completing the Reimbursement Reports is as follows: 
    • At the end of the semester, the director or coordinator uses BWBRS to create a Reimbursement Report where they indicate the actual expenditure for each student for each category (column above).
    • The completed Reimbursement Report should be submitted to the Foundation via BWBRS (see form above).
    • If there are funds to be reimbursed, the Foundation will send a formal letter to the president requesting the return of “unexpended” Bonner Scholarship funds to either the Foundation or the Bonner Endowment.


5.3.3 Community Fund Reports

  • The Mid-Year Community Fund report is due on January 15th at the beginning of spring semester. The Year-End Community Fund Report is due on July 1st along with the Annual Report.
  • The Community Fund Report includes a brief description (2-4 sentences) on each of the projects or activities that received funding. We encourage you to attach other documents (i.e., reports, articles) that further describe the projects funded.
  • The Community Fund Expense Reports should be submitted via BWBRS.


5.4 Narrative Reports

5.4.1 Annual Report

  • An Annual Report should be submitted to the Foundation by May 15th each year.
  • Annual Report Guidelines will be emailed to each school early in the Spring semester. 
  • A copy of the Annual Report should be given to your president, dean of academic affairs, dean of student affairs, and all members of your Bonner Scholars Program’s Selection and Advisory Committees.