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Lindsey Wilson College Campus Profile

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Lindsey Wilson College

210 Lindsey Wilson Street

Columbia, KY 42728




Lindsey Wilson College is a four-year liberal arts college affiliated with the Kentucky Conference of The United Methodist Church. LWC is located on more than 200 partially wooded acres on a hilltop in Columbia, KY, a small town about 20 miles from Lake Cumberland in South Central Kentucky.  The mission of Lindsey Wilson College is to serve the educational needs of students by providing a living-learning environment within an atmosphere of active caring and Christian concern where every student, every day, learns and grows and feels like a real human being.

  • Enrollment has exploded from 260 students in 1977 to more than 2,735 for the 2021-2022  school year. During the last 20 years, LWC has been one of the fastest-growing four-year independent colleges in Kentucky.
  • About 80 percent of LWC students come from Kentucky. The rest come from more than two dozen states and almost three dozen foreign countries. 
  • LWC has one of the most diverse student populations among Kentucky's independent colleges and universities. More than 15 percent of the LWC student body is composed of minority students. Nearly 40 percent of LWC's student body identifies as an ethnicity other than Caucasian.
  • Every fall, President Luckey cancels classes and work for one day - Malvina Farkle Day - and all students, staff, and faculty at the main campus and all satellite campuses participate in a day of service in their communities.  



Type of Program: Leader

Year Began: 2005

Bonner Program Website: www.lindsey.edu/bonner

Application Deadline for 2022: 

Where is the Bonner Program located: Student Services

Number of Bonner Students: 45

Highlighted Bonner Specific Programs:

  • Many of our Bonner Scholars serve within the local school system, either during the school day as one-on-one tutors, classroom help, and family resource assistance, or in the after-school programs as teachers and facilitators. They have a variety of options, from serving at the preschool level to adult GED tutoring and everything in between. In the 2021-2022 school year (August 2021-March 2022), Bonners served a total of 1,816  hours in local education programs, creating a total worth of over $41,786 in volunteer hours. The schools have stated that they would not be able to maintain the level of educational programming and activities for the children that they do without Bonner assistance. This is important for our program and our students because, as they are given access to higher education, they build access to education for others through their service. 
  • One of our cornerstone activities is the First Year Trip. For the past twelve years, we have taken our First Year Bonners and Student Leadership Team to St. Augustine, Florida over LWC's spring break for an alternative break spent in service. We have created sustainable partnerships, and the local sites we volunteer with while in St. Augustine now rely on us every year for that week. We offer service opportunities to the students with St. John's Housing Partnership, which provides home upkeep for the elderly and disabled; Keepers of the Coast, a local sea turtle rescue and conservation effort; St. Augustine Lighthouse, a historic local site; and St. Francis House, a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, and culinary school for the disadvantaged. Bonners get the opportunity to serve in a different capacity than they do while serving locally in Columbia, KY, and often leave the trip with a wider perspective of the impact of service in all capacities. 




  • Every fall semester, President Luckey cancels classes and work for one day - Malvina Farkle Day - and all students, faculty, and staff on the main campus and all satellite campuses engage in community service for the day. This provides an opportunity for all students to engage the local community and participate in service in many different areas - within the school system, at local non-profits, in the community garden, at nursing homes, and so on. Many students get a taste of service on Malvina Farkle Day and approach us with a desire to serve more.  
  • Our Bonner Senior Intern a few years ago started an initiative called Nuggets of Knowledge, and the idea has lived on and grown well past that Intern's time. Cookie Conversations are open to the entire campus and provide an opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and site supervisors to facilitate a discussion about any topic. Past Cookie Conversations have covered topics including, but not limited to, human trafficking, domestic vs. international terrorism, #BlackLivesMatter, sexism in higher education, self-care, bullying, eating disorders, and mental health issues. The beauty of Cookie Conversations is that the facilitator chooses the topic, so his or her passion for and education on the issue always shines through in the discussion, creating an engaging and educational environment for discussions. Plus, we provide free cookies! 
  • Due to a high volume of students who were not Bonners but desired easier access to service opportunities, our Bonner Volunteer (B-Vol) program was born. B-Vols do not receive any scholarship or reimbursement for their service and commit to 100 hours of service each year in the community. Many students want to serve but don't know how to connect to community partners, so we help bridge that gap for them. B-Vols are welcome to join in all Bonner activities, including monthly All-Bonner Meetings, Class Meetings, Cookie Conversations, Special Topic Dinners, Social Events, and so on. Essentially, it creates an opportunity for a student to be a part of the Bonner program and serve in the community without the strenuous commitment of 280 hours of service each year.  To date, we have graduated five B-Vols!




President: William T. Luckey, Jr. - @LWCPREZ


Bonner Program Staff: 

  • Kisha Burton, Director of Civic Engagement and Student Leadership, Director of the Bonner Scholar Program


          (270) 384-8689


  • Yayi Garcia, Bonner Coordinator


(270) 384-7469



  • Elise Luckey, Bonner Liaison


          (270) 384-8688


Bonner Intern: 

  • Kayla Young, Bonner Senior Intern, kayla.young@lindsey.edu
  • Macy Welsh, Bonner Junior Intern, macy.welsh@lindsey.edu




Bonner Congress Reps: 

  • Caroline Hardwick - leslie.hardwick@lindsey.edu
  • Emma Mallory - emma.mallory@lindsey.edu