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Concord University Campus Profile

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Concord University

1000 Vermillion Street

PO Box 1000

Athens, West Virginia  24712





The mission of Concord University is to provide quality, liberal arts based education, to foster scholarly activities, and to serve the regional community.


Concord University provides rigorous programs, primarily at the baccalaureate level, which prepare students to pursue various graduate study and career options and to assume leadership and professional roles in a multicultural society. In keeping with its tradition of service to the region, the University will offer a limited number of carefully selected graduate degrees. While we incorporate a variety of educational methodologies/technologies, our size and the caring dedication of our faculty, staff and administration are the principal assurances of a quality educational opportunity at Concord University.


As a learning community, Concord University is committed to furthering knowledge through professional development activities and programs, through research, and through the application, publication and appreciation of scholarly efforts.


The primary purpose of Concord’s mission is academic; however, the service the University provides to its state and region goes beyond the classroom. Concord University contributes to the quality of cultural and economic life in southern West Virginia through collaboration with both public and private organizations and agencies and through extension of its support and assistance into the region it serves.


Location:  Southern West Virginia, about 90 miles southeast of the state capital, Charleston, and about 25 miles north of the WV/Virginia border.                                         

Enrollment: 2,400


Other interesting tidbits:   Concord University is a public institution, part of the West Virginia Higher Education System, and was established as a Branch State Normal School in 1872.  Concord takes its name from the original name of the settlement in Mercer County, Concord Church.  The church was established in 1858 on land donated by Colonel Henderson French.  Colonel French's wife, Sarah, was tasked with the naming of the church.  On the day of the dedication, Sarah said, "This church is where all denominations shall worship together in harmony, sweet fellowship and concord, and it shall be named Concord Church."




Type of Program:                                         Bonner Scholars Program

Year Began:                                                       1991

Bonner Program Website:                            http://www.concord.edu/bonner/

Application Deadline for 2017:                          February 1, 2017

Where is the Bonner Program located:               Student Affairs

Number of Bonner Students:                              70+

Highlighted Bonner Specific Programs:


  • CUCDC Trip Around the World Program:  Led by senior Bonner Scholar, Olga Novikova from Russia, this program seeks to educate the children of the CU Child Development Center and to expose them to various cultures and locations around the world.  The program takes advantage of our diverse student population, having 84 international students representing 32 countries during the spring 2016 term.  Students from Concord's Bonner Scholars program and International Club deliver weekly lessons to the school-aged children on heritage, customs, food, festivals, holidays and the diverse practices of each country highlighted.  The children have learned about many countries including Russia, Pakistan, South Korea, El Salvador, Nigeria, Thailand, China, Armenia, Moldova and Nicaragua.  The ultimate goal of the program is to promote diversity and acceptance, as well as expanding the children's world view beyond their local community. 




  • The CU Civic Engagement Minor builds upon aspects of service learning and community based research, is anchored by an academic foundation, is reinforced through an internship, and exists within a culture that is critical in examination and reciprocally reinforcing as a learning community at local, national, and international levels.




President: Dr. Kendra Boggess, kendra@concord.edu


Bonner Program Staff: 

  • Kathy S. Ball, Director




  • Mary Goebel, Coordinator




Other Center Staff:

  • Sarah Fancher, Graduate Assistant 





Bonner Interns:

  • Ricki Smith, Communications Intern




  • Lelia Suydam, Senior Intern




  • Kelsey Walls, Senior Intern




Bonner Congress Reps: 




  • Facebook:        Concord Bonner Scholars
  • Instagram:       @concordubonner
  • Twitter:            @Concord Bonner      



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