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Second Year Exchange - Campus Examples

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Second Year Exchange

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Below are a few examples of the Second Year Exchange that may be helpful for planning. These have been drawn from annual reports and other information shared with the Bonner Foundation.  Each of the Second Year Exchange examples below has used the activity in a way that extends and deepens students' learning, while also connecting it to the broader programmatic and educational aims of civic engagement and the institution. The Exchange can help students:


  • Understand they are part of a larger movement and field (national and global)
  • Learn about other Bonner Programs and campuses in the network
  • Delve into critical issues and current events (like race and ethnicity)
  • Learn about how an issue from their own local context is playing out in another place or context (like comparing poverty in urban and rural areas)
  • Expand their skills and knowledge, building it developmentally (such as engaging in activism on an issue they have addressed through service or connecting it to their four-year e-portfolio)



College of Charleston and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


In 2016, the sophomore class hosted nine students and the Bonner Director of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill at the College of Charleson for Sophomore Exchange. Sophomore Exchange is a signature Bonner program in which sophomore Bonners travel to another college to meet their sophomores and exchange knowledge and experiences made during their time in the Bonner Leader Program. This was the first year College of Charleston hosted another Bonner school. The weekend’s theme focused on sustainability and race. Both schools had an opportunity to present on the structure and history of their programs as well as our individual service and have an exercise surrounding identity and privilege. Events included a presentation and discussion about waterways in Charleston, a cleanup of Brittlebank Park on the shores of the Ashley River, and a discussion on the impacts of environmental and systematic racism in our respective communities. 


Emory & Henry College and Guilford College 


This year, Emory & Henry used its Sophomore Exchange to connect with the broader integration of civic engagement across campus. The campus had began using e-portfolios for the Bonner Program, which has ushered a complete shift in the utilization and effort from the students. It connected the Sophomore Exchange with the Senior Presentations of Learning, as the entire senior class presented their individual work through portfolios they spent the last year compiling. So, the Sophomore Exchange with Guilford College was captured through student reflection and highlights of the work accomplished that weekend. A few of the participating students shared their work on the college’s Ampersand Day, which celebrates student’s accomplishments from the year. Project Ampersand is the new initiative that will engage every student at Emory & Henry in applying their learning to impact society.


Hence, the Sophomore Exchange, in future years, will also be a part of Bonner's e-portfolios. They will add to each semester they are in the program opposed to the senior’s one long push to reflect on the last 4 years of growth. This process incorporates a larger reflection assignment as well as their general overview of the service work they are participating in. Hopefully, this slower and more hands on approach to reflection will encourage students to see and share their experiences with a network beyond their Bonner Program.


Warren Wilson College, Mars Hill College, and Wofford College


Warren Wilson's Second-Year Exchange was a real highlight in 2016. They partnered with the Warren Wilson Office of Spiritual Life to host a daylong conference called The Soul of the Activist. The event was open to the larger WWC community as well as Bonners from Wofford College and Mars Hill College and the Asheville community at large. The event featured keynote speakers David Wilcox and Mandy Carter, a panel including Amy Cantrell and Linda Stout, and three blocks of workshops led by Bonners, Warren Wilson staff, and other presenters. The event was well received, with WWC Bonners appreciating how it not only connected them with Bonners from other schools but to the larger Asheville community. The Warren Wilson Bonner staff reported that they found the impact was profound when one of the speakers, Mandy Carter, reported months later how amazing the event was for her as a participant.