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Reporting and Funding - Guides

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Reporting and Funding

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Annual Report Guidelines


Bonner Program Rules

We have a set of formal rules or guidelines that further elaborate on the core expectations described above. Because there is a different funding model for Bonner Scholar and Bonner Leader Programs, we have created a separate set of rules to reflect these differences.


Bonner Scholar Program Rules

  1. Recruitment and Selection

  2. Program

  3. Administration

  4. Finances

  5. Reporting

Bonner Leader Program Rules

  1. Recruitment and Selection

  2. Program

  3. Administration

  4. Finances

  5. Reporting  








Bonner Scholar Semester Reporting in BWBRS


Bonner Scholar Program Funding Guides 

The Bonner Scholar Programs are funded through a permanent Bonner Scholar Program Endowment held by 22 institutions. The first seven endowments were awarded in 1993; the remaining 19 endowment awards were made between 2006 - 2010.


The Bonner Scholarship funding guidelines can be found in the Bonner Scholar Rules here.  The annual Bonner Scholarship funding supports the following:


For Individual Bonner Scholars:


School Year Award

Bonner Scholars receive $1,500 per semester in Bonner Scholarship support and are expected to complete 140 hours of service and training during the semester.


Summer Service Funding

Beginning with the Summer of 2022, up to $4,500 in summer service funds should be awarded to each eligible Bonner Scholar to support their meeting their Bonner summer service expectation.  

  • These funds are available for each of two summers. Unused funding in the first summer can roll over to second summer, and unused funding in the second summer can be rolled over to the third summer prior to the student's senior year.
  • These funds are approved by the Bonner Foundation for withdrawal from the Bonner Scholar Endowment by the college based on the summer allocation report.


Rising Senior Fund

Bonner Scholars are eligible for a $500 to support a) a service placement in the summer prior to their senior year, b) a service project they are involved with, c) costs to attend a training conference or job interview that will help their career aspirations, d) costs related to graduate school exams or application fees, or e) professional clothing. 


Loan Reduction

The loan reduction awards are being phased out. The Loan Reduction Award will be reduced on a pro-rated based on their grad year: Class of 2021 to $1,500, Class of 2022 to $1,000 and Class of 2023 to $500. These funds are paid directly by the institution to the educational lender.


For Bonner Scholar Programs:


Community Fund Grantmaking Guide 

Bonner Scholar Programs and funds Bonner Leader Programs have a pooled Community Fund that Bonner Scholars may apply for to support community service or site-specific projects involving or initiated by Bonners.  Awarding of these funds is governed by a committee of the Bonner Leadership Team.


Bonner First Year Service Trip

Up to $250 per first-year Bonner Scholar is available to cover expenses related to meeting the required first-year service trip. An additional $250 is available for each of two people (students or staff members) who attend in a supervisory capacity.  


Bonner Local Summer Service Fund

Each year there is a pooled fund available to help build local summer service placements for Bonner Scholars who want to stay in their college community. These projects should continue service projects or related initiatives that also operate during the school year. The maximum amount available for each campus each summer is determined by the number of enrolled Bonner Scholars based on a calculation of $75 per student per year.  


Bonner Student Congress Travel Fund 

Up to $250 is allocated per Bonner Congress Representative to attend the annual Bonner Congress meetings.


Special Projects Fund

Bonner Scholar Programs may submit proposals to access unused Bonner Scholarship funds from the prior academic year.  These proposals must be to support enrichment activities and to enhance student learning and development, not simply to implement current aspects of the Bonner Scholars Program.  


Bonner Program Endowments Funding & Reporting Guides

Schools with Bonner Program Endowments submit an annual reconciliation report to the Bonner Foundation, due to the Bonner Foundation by August 15th each year. The guides and Excel Report templates are linked below: