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Bonner Congress - Overview

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Bonner Congress

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What is Bonner Congress? 

Since the inception of the Bonner Program, student input has been instrumental in creating, implementing, and strengthening the program on the local and national levels. The idea to form a student group with members from all of the Bonner Schools was proposed at the Summer Leadership Institute in the summer of 1994. The Student coalition was soon created and convened in 1995. The Student Coalition was reshaped and renamed two years later to become the Bonner Congress that we know today.


As an advisory council to the Bonner Foundation, the Bonner Student Congress provides information, energy, and opportunities for student leadership within the Bonner Program. The Bonner Congress convenes annually with 2 representatives from each of the campuses in the Bonner Network. Bonner Congress answers the call for the deeply ingrained commitment to student voice in the Bonner Network. Through personal and professional development workshops and networking fairs, Bonner Congress provides a leadership opportunity for students to come together and learn from the national Bonner Network. 


The Role of a Congress Representative 

A Congress Representative is a student that is a leader within their Bonner Program that acts as a delegate during conferences like Bonner Congress and the Summer Leadership Institute (SLI). This is a role designed to uplift and maintain a strong sense of student voice at the national level. Bonner Congress answers to over 3,000 current Bonner students across the United States and almost 30 years of Bonner alumni.


During a Congress Representative's term, they act as a liaison between the national Bonner Network and their individual programs. Throughout the year, Representatives work to bring back what they have learned at national conferences and share what has inspired them. 



  • Leadership role that incorporates students into the visioning and assessment of your program
  • Long term project management leadership opportunity
  • Exposure and contribution to the national Bonner network



  • At least two students fulfill this role 
  • Recommended one sophomore and one junior
  • Receives service hours for this position yet it is not a student's full time service placement
  • Two-year commitment
  • Beginning their Sophomore Year
  • Member of the Bonner Leadership Team (BLT)
  • Attend Bonner Congress and the Summer Leadership Institute (SLI)
  • Represent campus program
  • Represent national network to your program 
  • Represent Bonner to the nation/world
  • Works with the Bonner Advisory Board (BAB) 


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